Saturday, November 17, 2007

Update: More Colorado VIPs endorse Romney

More Colorado Public Officials announce their support for Gov. Mitt Romney for President.

Ken Summers (Colorado State Representative)

Nancy Spence (Colorado State Senator)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rasmussen National Weekly Polls as of 08/20/07

Gov. Romney is slowly but surely gaining on his


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events:

10 Oct 07: Ask Mitt Anything, 3:40 p.m., Frank Ricketson Law Building, 2255 East Evans Ave., Denver. RSVP not required. No entrance fee. Bring your undecided friends.

10 Oct 07: Gov. Romney Fundraiser at home of Kristin & Blair Richardson. Entrance Fees: $2300 - photo with Gov. Romney, else $1000 per person. contact Jennie Virgilio

Monday, August 13, 2007

Historic Perspective of Iowa Results

Here is a comparison of this year's Straw
Poll against the Straw Poll from 1999.
Romney     31.6%      Bush     31.1%
Huckabee 18.1% Forbes 20.8%
Brownback 15.3% Dole 14.4%
Tancredo 13.7% Bauer 8.9%
Paul 9.1% Buchanan 7.3%

(This information copied from Thomas at

Gov. Mitt Romney wins Iowa Straw Poll

Mitt Romney's efforts has paid off big time, as shown by his winning the Iowa Straw Poll. Here are the results:

1. Mitt Romney 32%
2. Mike Huckabee 18%
3. Sam Brownback 15%
4. Tom Tancredo 14%
5. Ron Paul 9%
6. Tommy Thompson 7%
7. Fred Thompson 1%
8. Rudy Giuliani 1%
9. Duncan Hunter 1%
10. John McCain 0.7%
11. John Cox 0.5%

As promised, Tommy Thompson has dropped out of the race, due to his poor showing.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Colorado VIPs that Support Mitt Romney

The following Colorado public officials have announced their support for Gov. Mitt Romney for President.

Bill Owens (former governor)
Wayne Allard (US Senator)
John Suthers (Attorney General)
Shawn Mitchell (State Senator)
Andy McElhany (State Senator)

Victor Mitchell (State Representative)
Bob Beauprez (former representative to US House)

Colorado Statewide Finance Team:

Bill Owens (Honorary Finance Chair)
John Suthers (Honorary Finance Chair)
Wayne Allard (Honorary Chair)
Bruce Benson (Political and Finance Chair)
Marcy Benson (Political and Finance Chair)
Mark Falcone (Finance Co-Chair)
Maria Garcia Berry (Finance Co-Chair)
Doug Robinson (Finance Co-Chair)
Other members of the Finance Committee:
* Jeff Adams
* Jay Allen
* Don Bailey
* Rick Balli
* The Honorable Bob and Claudia Beauprez
* Scott Congel
* Alex Cranberg
* Cortlandt Dietler
* Meg Duke
* Bill Fisher
* Sergio Gutierrez
* Jane and Frederic C. Hamilton
* William J. Hybl
* Eric Jenson
* Mary Pat Link
* Senator Andy McElhany
* Senator Shawn Mitchell
* Marcus Mollmann
* Dave Noble
* Lilly Nunez
* Charlie Peck
* Scot Sellers
* Leslie Stanford
* John Strohm

Other Colorado supportors for Mitt Romney for President:

Phil Anschutz
Richard McCormick
Jordan Perlmutter
Hank Brown
Dick Monfort
Chuck Berry
Katy Atkinson
Kathy Finger
Peb Jackson
Brian Bissell
Harlan Humiston
Ellen Falcone

Luis Alvarez (Nat'l Hispanic Steering Cmte.)

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Colorado's Grassroots Support Groups

We are building support teams within Colorado. Each team has a leader. The teams meet regularly in someone's home. There is an agenda which includes the following:
1. A brief history of Romney and the current status of the campaign,
2. Review the non-required, but hopeful, expectations of each member:
a) To encourage each member to make a monthly contribution to the campaign (however small or large),
b) To read "A Mormon in the White House" by Hugh Hewitt, and then to loan the book to a friend, and then to invite the reader to join the group,
c) To Support Romney Issues that he is advocating (like emailing our represetatives),
d) To attend and support our booths at public events (distributing handouts),
e) To educate one another on the issues.
f) To share references for more information, such as URL sites
g) To discuss Romney's progress in the polls,
h) To discuss how to handle the more difficult questions like: Mormonism, Flip-Flopping, etc., and
i) To prepare, encouraage group members to participate in the upcoming caucuses.

We have multiple active groups, and will continue to build more of them.
If you are interested in forming a group of your own, or if you just want to join a group, please contact: